Sustainability and environmental protection have become increasingly important

Sustainability And Environmental Protection Have Become Increasingly Important

Sustainability and environmental protection have become increasingly important

20 flat reed US dollars/kg - approximately 30% with the production costs (without the yarn) as soon as producing the raw fabric. As Karl Mayer points out, warp-knitted terry fabrics have any general technological advantage over woven fabrics with regards to the environmental loads generated while in production, i.

Warp-knitted towels and bathrobes can easily, therefore, be used for more, which generates less waste. According to Karl Mayer, the pullout resistance from the loops is much higher as compared with that of comparable woven fabrics. "

Sustainability and environmental protection have become increasingly important in textile production – and this also applies to the output of warp-knitted terry fabrics, " states Karl Mayer.

"These fluffy, absorbent fabrics are absolutely indispensable for your bathroom and home, and are used in huge volumes worldwide. warp knitting does not require a sizing process, that saves on textile chemicals, effluent and energy towards the value of roughly 0. This means that ecological optimisation, accomplished along the entire production tier, has obvious effects.

The particular longer replacement cycles also minimize the consumption of resources. As far a fabric production is concerned, Karl Mayer can offer a good number of effective technical solutions for both warp knitting and warp arrangement sectors. "


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